A Short Video For Parents and Teens

(Click the image to watch the video) 給父母們及子女們一個反思: 父母們,你了解你子女的感受及需要嗎? 子女們,你知道你父母有多愛你、緊張你、關心你嗎?   A short video for parents and teens: Parents, do you know what your teens need and how they feel? Teens, do you know how much your parents care and love you?

Why Your Teen Doesn’t Talk to You

So that title might sound harsh.  You’re thinking, “Oh, so now it’s MY fault that my teenager doesn’t talk to me?  When I try so hard?” If you can realize some of the things you’re doing that are accidentally off-putting to your child, you’ll be better able to connect with him or her. 1)  I’m not doing anything other than talking to them.   Meaning:…